About Confidentiality






The need for privacy and confidentiality is of prime importance for anyone receiving services at Mnaamodzawin Health Services.  This applies to all services, whether they be from our community health, home care, mental health, diabetes, healthy child development or Healthy Babies, Healthy Children programs.  A common concern that people have when reaching out for services is privacy.  All of us have feelings and thoughts we would rather not share, and problems we would rather no one knew about. For us to be able to help you, we need to know about these private matters.


WE WILL KEEP THESE MATTERS PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL, but there are limits to confidentiality. There are situations in which Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. is LEGALLY required to contact the appropriate authorities.  By law we must: 


  • Report any suspicion of child abuse to the appropriate authorities
  • Report to a health care professional that additional help is required if we feel you are
    • A danger to yourself
    • A danger to others
    • Unable to look after yourself
  • Provide documentation and/or testify to the court when provided with a subpoena


In addition, our team may hold case conferences to plan our assistance for you and, in these cases, you will be asked for your consent to share this information.  

At Mnaamodzawin Health Services we consider it of utmost importance to maintain your confidentiality.  If, at and time and for any reason, you think your privacy may have been breached, please contact Mnaamodzawin Health Services at 705-368-2182.

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