About us

About us

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. is a non profit organization with the objective of providing quality primary health care.  We are committed to working with community members, families, community groups, and political leadership, to optimize the health and well-being of the five First Nation communities we serve.  These include Aundeck Omni Kaning, Sheguiandah, Sheshegwaning, Whitefish River, and Zhiibaahaasing First Nations.

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. is affiliated with the Anishnabek Health Commission and is recognized as an area health board.


This is our language and who we are


All of our tribes in our nations

Debenjiged gii'saan anishaaben akiing

Creator place of the Anishinabe on the earth

Giibi dgwon gaadeni mnidoo waadiziwin

along with the gift of spirituality

Shkode, nibi, aki, noodin, giibi dgosdoonan wii naagdowendmang maanpii shkagmigaang

Here on mother earth, there were gifts given to the Anishinabe to look after, fire, water, earth and wind.

Debenjiged gii miinaan gechtwaa wendaagog Anishinaaben waa naagdoonjin ninda niizhwaaswi kino maadwinan

The creator also gave the Anishinabe seven sacred gifts to guide the.  They are:

Zaagidwin, Debwewin, Mnaadendmowin, Nbwaakaawin, Ddaadendiziwin, Gwekwaadziwin miinwa Aakedhewin

Love, Truth, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty and Bravery

Debenjiged kiimiingona dedbinwe wi naagdowendiwin

Creator gave us sovereignty to govern ourselves

Ka mnaadendanaa gaabi zhuwebag miinwaa nango megwaa ezhwebag, miinwaa geyaabi waa ni zhiwebag

We respect and honour the past, present and future.

- UCCM Elders Circle 2009